The Coalesce Awards, formerly known as MAFA Masters, is the 5th annual awards honoring outstanding women in the marketing, communications and advertising industries. At this after 5 affair, guests will enjoy a cocktail reception, formal dinner, and networking.

This event is particularly special to us as women have been instrumental in shaping the marketplace and championing diversity within the industry. Showcasing thought leadership, impactful business results and community activism, the honorees have excelled in and outside of the workplace by pushing boundaries, inspiring others and most notably, continuing to pave the way for all women and industry professionals. Your nomination will help us to honor these special women.


If you have questions, or would like to partner with us during this exciting event, please contact us at info@coalescechicago.org.

The Award Categories

Each category below will honor an Emerging Leaders as well as a Trailblazer.

  • Emerging Leaders are individuals budding in their impact. They are newer to their career, and still have the opportunity to expand and grow in their efforts.
  • Trailblazers are typically more seasoned in their careers and their impact is more established and felt across many individuals.


Creative Catalyst

Honors women who work to accurately portray our multi-faceted culture in the media. They identify and provide solutions in the creative landscape to depict an evolving world.

Diversity Advocate

Honors women who champion diversity both within and outside of the workplace. Their goal of encouraging diversity of thought enriches the industry, allowing for a more inclusive working environment.


Champion of Growth

Honors women who are "the People’s Champ” of their organization or network. Their goal of initiating change through the personal and professional development of others positively impacts their work, their organizations and all those around them.


Industry Program of the Year*

Honors a ground breaking program that serves the advertising, marketing and communications community in a lasting and meaningful way, providing exceptional educational and industry content for personal and professional development.


Ally of the Year*

Honors a special supporter of diverse programming, initiatives, ideas and people. Their goal includes improving the status quo by advocating for and supporting a more inclusive environment.


*This category does not feature an Emerging Leader and Trailblazer, rather honors one exceptional program/professional.